What is a Bullet Journal and why is everyone talking about bullet journaling?

What is a Bullet Journal
Basically a Bullet Journal is a plain notebook that is either lined, ruled, or has blank pages. If you are just starting out any type of notebook will work just fine. You’ll also need a pencil or a pen.
If you’ve tried to keep a journal or planner before but find yourself getting off track, a bullet journal is a great way to get organized.
Bullet journals lack the rigid structure of a planner. And bullet journals provide opportunities for personalization beyond pen color.
Lots of people also find great use in a bullet journal and is a relatively new, creative way of journaling that helps maintain organized lists of goals and tasks.
These journals can be kept by the day, week, or month, but rather than simply filling out a typical day planner or organizer, the blank pages of a bullet journal can be completely customized by the author.

Some Great Bullet Journaling Ideas


If the idea of bullet journaling intrigues you, some great journaling ideas can include:

  • Tracking finances/monthly savings goals
  • Weight loss management/daily workout routines
  • Meal planning
  • Books read
  • Relationship goals (such as spending more time with friends/family)
  • Daily/weekly to-do lists
  • Educational goals

Make Your Bullet Journal Your Own


There are a few standard approaches to a bullet journal, but it’s up to you to make a bullet journal your own.

These are some best practices:

  • Pick a notebook you love
  • Set aside the first few pages for an Index
  • Number all your pages
  • Label your pages appropriately
  • Review and revise as needed

Many people choose to use a blank or grid-style notebook. These notebooks provide you with more flexibility than lined notebooks.
The first few pages may stay blank for a while, but as you add content your index will grow.
Your index can include topics, like planning a wedding or birthday party.
Any time you write down information about that topic, put the page numbers in the index. It’s important that you number all pages in order to stay organized.

Use Symbols in your Bullet Journal

Some people think that a bullet journal is just bullets. And those people are kind of correct.
A bullet journal is based on bullets, but these bullets can be changed or modified to accurately reflect the status of a list item.
For example, a single bullet can represent a task that needs to get done. But when you complete that task, you can change that bullet to an X to indicate a job is done.
Some people use > and < symbols to “migrate” their bullets.

Be Creative Creative In Your Journal

A bullet journal provides you with the freedom to keep things as simple or as wild as you like.
You can express your creativity with funky headlines, washi tape, colorful markers, or any other fun additions you’d like.
Bullet journals free you from the conventional planner.
Add what matters most to you, and enjoy seeing your life’s story told one page at a time.

As you can see bullet journaling can be extremely creative and you basically make your journal your very own.

Use your creativity and have a whole lot of fun while keeping your life organized.

Different Styles Of Bullet Journaling

There are numerous styles of bullet journaling.
One thing to take note of is that bullet journaling, is a really personal and personalizable way to plan, journal, and keep track of your busy lifestyle.
You’ll find that the selected styles below are just suggestions for a starting point for beginning your bullet journaling.

  • The Daily Planner and Organize
  • The Ultimate To-Do List
  • The Creative Outlet And Memory Keeper
  • The Personal Improvement Tool
  • A Plain Notebook
  • A Moleskin or Leuchtturm Notebook
  • A Travel Journal or Midori

In the next page we’ll get into more depth with these different styles of bullet journaling.
One of the hardest things about journaling is actually getting started, but the fact is that, with a little discipline and creativity, journaling can become a fun, enjoyable, and even therapeutic habit to develop this New Year.

I hope this page  has given you a little insight into What is a Bullet Journal and that you are a little more enlightened as to what bullet journaling is all about.
No matter what style you choose, I really hope you give bullet journaling

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