What are the Benefits of Bullet Journaling?

First of all bullet journaling is easily customizable – if you decide on trying bullet journaling you find that it’s not necessary to go out and purchase a big planning system or there is no need for downloading a fancy app to your iPhone or smartphone.

Benefits of Bullet Journaling

All it really takes is a notebook and a pencil or pen. Chances are you more than likely already have an old notebook lying around.
So go ahead and grab it and give bullet journaling a try.

Setting up a Basic Bullet Journal is Really Simple.

The entire process can be explained in a few minutes. Set up your key, index and monthly spread and you’re ready to go.
Bullet Journaling is a Simple System
Since bullet journaling is such a simple system, you’ll find that it’s easy to customize it for your particular needs.
Because bullet journaling is an analog system (just pen and paper), your bullet journal will work anytime anywhere, no power or Wi-Fi required.
If you need ideas, head on over to YouTube.
Because bullet journaling is nothing more than a notebook and pen, you can carry it around with you everywhere.
You can throw it in your purse or keep it right next to you on your desk, and review your day before you head to bed at night.
As soon as you get into the habit of using your journal throughout the day, it will become second nature to take it with you much like your phone.

Bullet Journaling Helps You Stay Organized

Another one of the great benefits of bullet journaling is that it helps you stay organized.
The act of writing in a journal can help you to stay organized and feel fulfilled.
There are numerous different of ways to journal. You can keep a stream of consciousness journal. You can journal daily or weekly.
Or you can use a journal to keep tabs of all the important happenings in your life.
Using a bullet journal is a fantastic way to document events, to do lists and other milestones on a consistent basis.
As you make a habit of writing in your bullet journal, you’ll begin to realize the benefits of bullet journaling and you’ll also accrue a library of each year’s important activities.
Your bullet journal might just help you stay organized in all areas of your life.
You’ll find that it’s much easier to keep track of work tasks, doctor appointments, and even your grocery list, all in one convenient place.
The key and index make it simple to keep track of everything.
These are noteworthy mementos that you can look back on in the future.

Bullet Journaling Frees Up Brain Space

Another one of the benefits of bullet journaling is that It Frees Up Brain Space.
For me this happens to be one of the best benefits of bullet journaling by far.
By using a bullet journal you’ll be surprised by the difference you’ll feel from having a lot of extra brain space.
The majority of us don’t realize the vast amount of random pieces of information we constantly have to keep track of.
When you take the time to write all this information down it allows you to use those brain cells for much more productive and creative endeavors.
You’ll find that you sleep much better because you are no longer worried about forgetting an important appointment or task the next day.
I just love this idea! Another benefit is no worries about internet going down or forgetting to charge your phone. Everything is down in your notebook!

So to sum up this page on the benefits of bullet journaling, I would have to say if you’re the sort of person who enjoys keeping track of things and keeping records then you’re going to really like Bullet Journaling.
Especially, if you tend to lean more on the creative side and you want your journaling to be more fun than you should grab a notebook and try it out for yourself.

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